Vitaly was taught to play chess at the tender age of 6 by his grandfather, and has liked the game ever-since.  Having achieved only an average club player (rating 1800) in his native city in Ukraine, he always had a deep liking for the game. Soon after Vitaly came to America at the age of 14, he spent time playing chess outdoors in the summer months almost never abandoning the hobby. 


Like many instructors and coaches in today's chess world, Vitaly was also “pulled” into teaching kids. He has been teaching on and off for over 20 years, inspiring many young souls.


Often acting like a kid himself, he transmits knowledge easily and children feel like he is one of them (which is true). Other times, being strict and direct allows Vitaly to be effective in tuning of mind to receive. 

After a spiritual transformation, Vitaly acquired an all new and different look on the world and the game, and nowadays abides by his own philosophy of the game, making it unique and fascinating, to say the least. Teaching today is viewed as a passion, a mission and a desire to please more than being a professional.

“Chess is a Universe in miniature, where two opposite forces correctly strive for superiority, but where the perfect outcome is a draw, leaving all in peace balance and tranquility” Number 64 is magical says Vitaly, and has secrets behind that are yet to be revealed. 


“If we continuously focus on acknowledging without a final statement and stay involved without possessing or expecting a result .the vibration of curiosity and creativity will ceaselessly do its natural work and boredom will never come, only deeper and wider, like space and time. Chess is a meditation”- Coach Vitaly


“In today's world, no one is better than AI and the way Alpha Zero, which is the strongest one today, operates is by teaching itself via trial and error. I believe this is what our future holds. Self awareness by trial and error”