Sunday, November 20

NEW: Sunday In-Person Monthly Quads are now in Livingston!

Registration CLOSES when the first 40 players sign up online, or by Friday at 10pm, whichever comes first. On-site registrations will be allowed at the discretion of the tournament director, so make sure you sign up online or you may not be allowed to play! All levels will be broken into quads. Sections with an average rating under 1000 will be playing G/30;+5, and sections with an average rating over 1000 will be playing G/45;+5.

Entry fee is $30; prize fund: $60 to each quad’s 1st place winner! In the event of a tie, money will be split evenly among all players with the highest point total in the section. In the event that a section has more than four players, there will be an additional second place prize.

Details are Below:

1) 1st round at 10 am (ET), and then ASAP

2) Current USCF Membership is required

3) Masks are optional

4) NO food is allowed in tournament room