Aug 1 tournament Results: SEE BELOW


VIRTUAL Super Saturday Quads/Swiss- Every Saturday OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

Our traditional Super Saturday tournaments are back! CASH PRIZES!

USCF has introduced a new rating system specifically for online slow games! We will be attempting to rate our events using this method moving forward! You can see the announcement from USCF here:





Before registering for any tournament, you must fill out this form to verify your chess.com account with USCF. It is OK if your membership is currently expired; we will use your most recent USCF rating. If you do not have a USCF rating, please enter 00000000 for your ID, 0000 for the expiration, and your approximate strength (your chess.com rating, for example) for your rating. The TDs will use this information to put you in an appropriate section and keep a record of your performance for future tournaments. 


Saturday, August 8, 2020
Register by 11:59 PM on Friday to participate in our virtual tournament.

The entry fee is $27, and the prize for 1st place in each section is $60. We will create sections based on USCF classical ratings, aiming for four players in every section. We reserve the right to create larger sections in an effort to create better rating distributions, and there will be additional prizes awarded accordingly.

Registration will close at exactly 11:59 pm on the Friday before the tournament, and the tournament will begin at exactly 1:30 pm on Saturday. Once registration is over, you will be sent a link that will allow you to join a www.chess.com club corresponding to your section.

You will join the tournament that will be running in this club. Pairing will be provided here and updated for each round at the conclusion of the previousround. Sections with an average rating under 1,000 will play G/30;d5, and sections with an average rating of 1,000 or more will play G/45;d5.


All games will be observed and all communication during the tournament will be accomplished via Zoom (the link for which will be sent along with your section). Please download it before signing up for the tournament. In addition to Zoom, we will use chess.com’s cutting-edge anti-cheat protocols to ensure fair play during the tournaments.

Prizes will be paid 72 hours after the conclusion of the event (this is the amount of time it takes for chess.com to review all of the games to ensure fair play rules were observed).


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Dr. David Ostfeld Memorial Chess LIVE Tournaments

Due to COVID-19, Dr. David Ostfeld Memorial Chess LIVE Tournaments are on hold until further notice. 

Summer Camp and daily Chess lesson tournaments are still being conducted, however, matches will NOT be USCF rated. Matches will be scored for the benefit of competition only.



Greetings, and thank you to all players for bringing in the new month with some chess! With 24 players this week, here are some highlights from the tournament:

Congratulations to our winners!

  • Section 1 - Dennis (Perfect score!)

  • Section 2 - Pranav

  • Section 3 - Arjun

  • Section 4 - Daniel

  • Section 5 - James (Perfect score!)

  • Section 6 - Hovannes (Perfect score!)


  • Continued excellence from both Arjun and James, repeatedly winning their sections and continuing their streak!

  • A warm welcome to Ian and George who participated in their first ICA online quad this tournament!

  • Our game of the week goes to Dennis Li! You can see him convert a complex middlegame into a victory here: DennisGOTW



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