Week Ten of our 2021 Summer Scholastic Chess Camp in Teaneck

So that's a wrap! Our last week of 2021 Scholastic Summer Chess Camp in Teaneck has come to an end! We'll miss this summer but we end with great memories, experiences and more chess smarts. HAVE A GREAT SCHOOL YEAR!

Tournament Results: https://bc6ee1c8-8494-46f2-bf02-eb20ae9d3b14.usrfiles.com/ugd/bc6ee1_bdeb6ccb99c74848a9711edbde42473f.pdf

Master Prize List:https://bc6ee1c8-8494-46f2-bf02-eb20ae9d3b14.usrfiles.com/ugd/bc6ee1_4c32414d86d2485bb6cc5bfe56d54857.pdf


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