Week Nine - Virtual Summer Scholastic Chess Camp

Updated: May 8

Well that's the end of this 2021 Summer Edition of Virtual Summer Scholastic Chess Camp! It was a great summer of learning, socializing and becoming better and stronger chess players! We look forward to seeing everyone in the Fall! Thank you!!

Tournaments Report: https://bc6ee1c8-8494-46f2-bf02-eb20ae9d3b14.usrfiles.com/ugd/bc6ee1_6c9f73f67a6d437582842412b3c5912c.pdf

Master Games List: https://bc6ee1c8-8494-46f2-bf02-eb20ae9d3b14.usrfiles.com/ugd/bc6ee1_3f4615f0db5e424a9713623cc862c401.pdf

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