The January 22, 2022 Edition of ICA Saturday Quads Tournaments

by TD Alan Salnikov

I was very pleased with the large turnout that we received for this tournament! We had 34 participants split into 8 sections, with 3 of the sections played at game 45. I was most impressed with Section 3, with Albert Sadykov, one of the section's lower rated players, winning the section on 2.5 points after drawing his first match.

The player that I was most impressed with out of the entire tournament was Sujia Diao of Section 1. She finished the day with two wins and a draw against three highly rated opponents to win the section.

An honorable mention goes to Jatan Bhatt of Section 4, who, in his very first tournament, won two games against experienced opponents. Although he did not win this section after losing to Rafael Pinzas, he played very well in each of his games in his first ever tournament!

Congratulations to all winners: Sujia, Thomas, Albert, Rafael, James, Vigyaant, Andrew, Saha, Daniel, Justin, Elijah, Vincent! USCF posted rating report is here.

Full report:

Hope to see all on January 29! Register early!