The February 5, 2022 Edition of ICA Saturday Quads Tournaments

Updated: Feb 9

By TD Alan Salnikov

We had our largest post-pandemic turnout with 42 competitors! We split our competitors into 10 sections, with 4 of them playing at game 45.

From the game's 30 sections, the player that most impressed me was Maanas Chinni who convincingly won all three of his games in Section 6 against difficult opposition.

Honorable mention goes to Adrian Zislis who in his first ever tournament, won the section with two wins and a draw, and Maxim Lokhov showed endgame proficiency and won all three of his games.

From the game 45 sections, I was most impressed with Luke Anatol, who won all 3 of his games in the top section. In his final game, he sacrificed a pawn that led to a devastating double attack.

Congratulations to all winners! You can see rating report by clicking here

Register for the next tournament February 12, 2022 here.

Our report for the February 5 tournament is here.

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