Super Saturday Quads - June 19, 2021

As always, a big thank you to everybody who played at our Super Saturday Quads on June 19, and welcome to our first-time participants: Ari K, Vivek, Nitya, Varun, and Darsh! Let’s look at the highlights:

In Over 1000 Section 1, the tournament was tight, but in the end, Ricnesh succeeded with 2.5 points, just .5 points ahead of Ari K, the second-place winner with a great Quads debut. After two excellent wins, Ricnesh just needed a draw in the last match to secure the tournament for himself.This was Ricnesh’s second Section 1 victory in a row - or the beginning of a streak. Nicely done!

In Over 1000 Section 2, Philip had performed wonderfully and with a perfect score he won the tournament . He gained advantages using tactics like pins and deflections. Then, with great precision, he converted those advantages into wins. Excellent work Philip!

Over 1000 Section 3 had a rare occurrence - a three-way tie for first! Sophia, Peter, and Murugan all finished with 2/3. This was especially interesting as all the games between the winners ended in a draw, displaying just how evenly matched their battles were. Congratulations to all!

Under 1000 Section 1, showed another rare three-way tie for first with Daniel, Shalini, and Jakob, all finishing with 2 points. This time, the games between the winners were all unbalanced, and there were no draws. The game between Daniel and Jakob, earned game of the week because of its many great tactics and sacrifices. You can see the game here: Once again, congratulations to all!

Under 1000 Section 2 had an extra-large section with 6 people and extra prizes! Rachel was the winner In the end with a perfect 3/3 score. Charles took second with a ⅔ score. Rachel showed that she can win despite sharp middlegame checkmates, or lengthy endgame victories - she was able to adapt to any position. Nicely done!

In Under 1000 Section 3, Vivek, a first time player in this tournament took first place with 2.5 points. He played an excellent game of entertaining, attacking chess, which earned him an excellent victory. Hopefully, this will be the start of a great career with ICA - congrats Vivek!

In Under 1000 Section 4, the winner, with 3/3, was Daniel J. The main reason he succeeded in this tournament was because of the wonderful spirit and resilience he exhibited. For example, in his second game he lost his queen at move 5, but fought back to win instead of resigning. Great work Daniel!

In Under 1000 Section 5, Achyut and Raghav tied for first with 2 points. It was a crazy tournament. No player was able to avoid defeat, but the difference was that the two winners were often able to spot common checkmate patterns like back-rank mates for the win. Congratulations Achyut and Raghav!

Check out the results at: June 19 results

Register for next week's tournament at: June 26 Super Saturday Quads

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