April 17, 2021 Super Saturday Quad Report

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Welcome back to our Super Saturday Quad and a big thank you to everybody who came to play, especially our new players: Jack, Kyle, Diego, Aditya, Sara, Kyle, and Augustine. Let us take a look at the highlights:

In Over 1000 Section 1, the winner was Jack! On this occasion the tournament was evenly matched resulting in four draws out of six games. Jack edged out Yuvanshu by only 0.5 points and won the first-round. Nicely done!

In Over 1000 Section 2, tying for first place with 2 points each were Xuan and Matthew. Xuan returned again after last week’s victory to another victory. He showed great consistency in play. Matthew, meanwhile, did okl after losing to Xuan, he bounced back to win his other two games and tie for first. Congratulations to both!

Over 1000 Section 3. This was a fascinating tournament with a rare three-way tie for first! Ekeoma, Benjamin, and Aaron all finished with 2/3 points, winning and losing to their fellow victors. Anyway, great work to all three players!

In Over 1000 Section 4, Sara won with a dominant 3/3 points. Using the Sicilian Defense and Scotch Game, she was able to punish tactical mistakes in the openings and gain significant advantages. Amazing job!

In Under 1000 Section 1, technical difficulties did not stop Sophia from winning with a perfect score. She was quick to attack her opponent’s castled kings, either by checkmating or winning a lot of material, and the result was a win for all of her games. Great job Sophia!

Under 1000 Section 2 was an extra-large section (6 players) with prizes for first and second place! Arthur won first place with 3 points, he was unstoppable. Ari gained second with 2 points. Congratulations both!

In Under 1000 Section 3, two players were evenly matched and tied for first with 2.5 points. Congratulations George and Grayson! After a draw in the first match, they played really well in the other two and maintained their wins. Once again, congratulations to both players!

In Under 1000 Section 4, Remy, and Jaeden, also shared the victory with 2.5 points. Their draw was mostly even, though Jaeden did have to fight back after dropping a minor piece. Remy’s victory over Kenton was interesting, the game had many tactics and twists and earned game of the week. You can check out the game here: https://www.chess.com/game/live/12420399453. Great job!

In Under 1000 Section 5, Jakob finished on top with a perfect score, and Andrew was second with ⅔ points. To win the tournament, Jakob excellently capitalized on his opponents’ mistakes. Congratulations Jakob!

In Under 1000 Section 6, Augustine was the victor with 3/3. The decisive game ended up being a first-round victory over second-place James, in which Augustine came back from a rook down to gain a large material advantage. Despite being down in all of his games at the beginning, he was consistently able to turn them into wins, showing remarkable resilience. Nice work Augustine!

In Under 1000 Section 7, the winner was Jeremywith a perfect 3/3. In each of his games, he won quickly using sharp tactics and exposing the opposing king’s weaknesses and using his bishops to a devastating effect. Congratulations to Jeremy!

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