Summer Camp 2022 - Glen Rock Week 7

It was another hot but fun week in Glen Rock. Morning lessons were fun and educational, tournament games were hard fought, and the campers gave the coaches a run for their money in the afternoon simul, as well as dodgeball coaches v. campers.

As in previous weeks, campers warmed up each morning with circle of doom, and this week the winners were Elizabeth and AJ, each with two wins.

Campers then broke into their coach’s group for morning lessons, divided by age and level. One of the highlights from Coach Sean’s group was when Elizabeth earned a memory prize after she memorized Carissa Yip’s recent win at the ongoing Olympiad – a game that lasted over 100 moves. To quote one of the campers at Friday’s awards ceremony: “Wow! That’s really impressive!”

The winners for the best in chess group prize were Elizabeth for Coach Sean’s group; Frankie for Coach Alan’s group; Shahar for Coach Vitaly’s group; Kian for Coach Chris’s group; John and Jai for Coach Eugene’s group; Anika for Coach Andrew’s group; and Dev for Coach Alex’s group.