Updated: Jun 7

International Chess Academy's (ICA) beloved WFM Hana Itkis is running MASTERMINDS CHESS CAMP, a weeklong camp this summer in Brooklyn, NY. The event is scheduled for the week of July 25, and we hope to see some of our NYC-based ICA students participating!

A founding member of the ICA family, Hana was literally one of our first students. It was her training at ICA that prepared her to compete and represent the United States of America in numerous World and Pan-American championships.

She now serves on the ICA staff and is one of our most passionate and enthusiastic instructors. As a student, Hana was fortunate to have access to world-class chess coaches, with the privilege of studying under Mark Dvoretsky, Arthur Jussupow and Alexander Chernin. This level of training shaped her skills, prepared her for the rigors of international competition, and provided her with rare insights into the game.

We are very excited to announce that Hana has decided to launch MASTERMINDS CHESS CAMP, in Park Slope, with the goal in mind of providing a top level, creative chess summer program for kids in Brooklyn. Please spread the word! Encourage students looking for a camp experience that will strengthen their minds in a creative, interactive, and supportive environment to sign up now!

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