September 25 2022, Livingston Quads Report

By TD Stephen Lorimor

Change is inevitable. The kids are growing, summer is turning into fall, and ICA is now hosting monthly quad tournaments in Livingston. Today was the first such event and 28 kids (and their always supportive parents) were on hand to celebrate the inaugural tournament.

As is typical at these events, the lower-rated quads with the (usually) younger players raced through their games. Quad 7 was on their third game before Quad 2 finished their first. All four players in the quad: Jerrick Cheung, Ethan Karni, Bhuvi Naga, and Theodore Gimlett, were immensely enjoying themselves at their first-ever tournament as they traded (sometimes wisely, sometimes not, but always happily) pieces with one-another. In the end Jerrick Cheung was declared quad champion with an impressive three wins.

The top quad had one most unexpected moment of the event. The quad had a longer time control so the games normally take an hour or more. It was therefore surprising when Jeremy Liu emerged triumphantly from his second game just minutes after it began. “You’re done already?” I asked him. His smile beamed like a ray of sunshine. “He fell into my opening trap.” Such is life in the world of chess. Sometimes you feast, and sometimes you’re on the menu.

Ultimately it was David Milstein who came away with a full belly. He won Quad 1 with two wins and a loss. The accolades, along with the prize money, are his to enjoy.

Aathreya Manivasagan triumphed in Quad 6 with three wins, as did Rishi Hardikar in Quad 5, Abhiram Vasanthavada in Quad 4, and Rishith Bhoopathi in Quad 2. Quad 3 ended a bit differently. Rayan Zarineh, Arhaan Rao, and Aaron Kustanovich had a three-way tie for first place with well fought two points each. Congratulations to them all.

There was no sportsmanship award, but if I had one to give out it would have gone to the always friendly Amy Lin. Her youthful appearance hides a keen chess mind, and her rating has been steadily creeping up throughout the year. Today she reached a new high as a member of Quad 2 against three more highly rated opponents. Although she was not triumphant over the board her defeats did not dampen her mood. She was cheerful in defeat, as she understood she was playing tougher opponents today and that means you don’t always win. Her day of victory in Quad 2 will come in time, and she’ll have earned every moment of the spotlight.