September 25, 2021 edition of Super Saturday Quads

A big thank you to everybody who came to play at our September 25th edition of Super Saturday Quads! A special thank you to Arjun: it was his first time playing with us. Let’s look at the highlights:

Over 1000 Section 1 This tournament was Philip’s. He won all 3 games. played very well and demonstrated excellent skill in the late middlegame to endgame, where he was able to overcome his opponents. Nicely done Philip!

Over 1000 Section 2

We had an extra-large tournament with 6 players, and extra prizes. A four-way tie for first! Believe it or not, Grayson, Sophia, Mark, and Geoffrey all finished with ⅔. None made it out unbeaten, displaying how balanced this section ended. Amazing job to all!