Progressive "Qualifications" Tournaments - December 19, 2021

Booster Section Report

In the Booster section on Sunday 12/19, we had a field of 12 players. Once again there was a case of NO SHOW. It is really not good for the players to have odd numbers (someone is left without a game in each round). Please, if you register for the tournament and decide NOT to come, let us know.

Congratulations to: Rishabh, Nathan and Emma for getting 3 points out of 4 and 2nd place (three-way tie). Hooray to Shahar who earned first place with 3.5 points out of 4!! All 4 of the fore mentioned players are now eligible to participate in Steppingstone 5 in the next tournament. We hope to see all of our participants return next time.

Steppingstone 4 Report

With only four participants we had to run round robin (everyone played everyone).

Congratulations to Arnav Jain who won the tournament with a perfect 3 points and achieved 1st norm towards category 4 title!

Here's the final report: