Progressive "Qualifications" Tournament, May 8, 2022 Edition

Updated: May 13

Booster Section Report

The second round of the booster section was full of lessons, one of which included the importance of king castling for our young students. 3/5 games featured some king trouble in the center of the board, and Anooshka and Dylan's game had quite a spectacular king walk. Anooshka was able to chase Dylan's uncastled king all around the board, even while down on material.

Another great lesson was the importance of pieces working together, from a move as Abhiram's queen and helper mate in his game against Veda, to Zephaniah's use of two minor pieces and a rook to secure a checkmate against Abhirv in the late middle game. Even while down 21 total points, Michael did not give up in his game against Kevin, and sprung a surprise bishop checkmate on his opponent in the early endgame.

In the third round the booster section reinforced some of their earlier ideas, as Abhiram checkmated Abhirv with a queen and helper mate, and Anooshka was able to win out with a similar rook and minor piece checkmate against Lando. Zephaniah's checkmate against Michael featured an especially beautiful queen and bishop mate, as the two pieces reached across the whole board to deliver the final blow to the black king.

One of the games that stuck out to me in the final round was Veda and Kevin's match. The two battled it out in the middle, before Veda's rook and queen were able to infiltrate the seventh rank, showing just how powerful those laterally moving pieces really are on the second and seventh ranks. Veda was able to checkmate with the rook and queen on move 23 of a rapidly evolving game.