Progressive "Qualifications" Tournament, March 6, 2022 Edition

Booster Section Report

On Sunday, March 6, the Booster section had faces both familiar and new. Congratulations to five students for scoring at least 3 points out of the four matches: Vivaan Singh (3.0), Evan Laoudis (3.0), Nikhil Maradana (3.0), Luka Kivich (3.5), and Mayer Wolfson (4.0). Congratulations Mayer for getting first place with a perfect score 4/4! And to all of the top finishers with at least 3 points, you are now eligible to compete in the next section, Steppingstone 5, in the next tournament on April 10. REMINDER: Make sure to sign up for the correct tournament and if you sign up please be on time to our zoom meeting (2pm)!

Steppingstone 5 Report

Ethan won the tornament with a perfect 4 points score. Arshyad, Achyut and Elizabeth scored three points each and tied for 2nd place. Congratulations to Achyut for getting his 2nd (and final) norm for category 5 title, he now can play in Steppingstone 4 section. Ethan, Arsyad and Elizabeth all made the 1st norm, and should try again in Steppingstone 5.

One game of the first round that stuck out in particular to the TDs was Achyut vs Rishi, featuring some strong middle gameplay from both players which resulted in a

n endgame of 2 rooks vs one queen with a minor piece each and an equal number of pawns. Both Achyut and Rishi used their material effectively, with Achyut gaining a slim one-pawn lead before he was able to catch Rishi with a king-queen fork winning the queen.

It also ended with a beautiful checkmate in the middle of the board. With Achyut (playing white) winning against Rishi (playing black): 53. Rd6+ Kc5 54. Re5#

Congrats to all players, and we thank you for coming. We hope to see you on April 10.

Steppingstone 4 Report

There were 6 participants this time, with some new players from last month Steppingstone 5 section. Most impressive game happened in the last round with two tournament’s liders playing each other and trying to make category 4 title: Aviana (with white) and Cristopher (with black). White had advantage through entire game and missed couple of wins, like this one

Where white could have continue with: 24 Rxd6 Rxd6 25. Rf8+ Kc7 26. Nb5+ (winning exchange and the game). But being under time pressure, Aviana missed that option and Cristopher was able to win this game. Congratulations to Cristopher who scored 3 points and gained 2nd norm for category 4 title (he made his 1st norm on November 7th, 2021). Christopher is the 1st player to achive this title since we started our qualification tournaments on March 21st, 2021!

See the full results here.

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