Progressive "Qualifications" Tournament, June 5, 2022 Edition

Booster Section Report

In the first round, Shaurya's match against Ansh stood out. Featuring an even battle and back and forth positional play, Ansh was able to checkmate his opponent with a late middle game checkmate, displaying just how effective a queen and helper can be at opening up and checkmating that castled king.

In the second round, Lando played a great game against Chetan. The two had exchanged 3 minor pieces for a queen, leaving it equal with Lando having a queen and Chetan with two nights and a bishop. However, before Chetan could fully activate the three pieces he had kept in the exchange Lando executed a queen and helper mate with the rook and queen, and white defeated black. Another game that stood out was Max and Ansh. Ansh was playing white, and although he was down substantial material Max got unlucky with a tricky

stalemate position, after 2/3 of the pawns Ansh did have were blocked and the third was pinned. 

The third round featured fewer blunders, as the games went longer after all the students were encouraged to take more time thinking about their moves after a speedy first and second round. In the third round, Anooshka and Cosmo's game featured quite the king walk, as Anooshka pushed Cosmo's uncastled

king completely across the board, before checkmating him in a beautiful way with a pair of bishops, a rook, and a newly promoted queen. Shaurya vs Chetan also featured a king walk, before Shaurya was able to catch Chetan's king in the middle of the board with a beautiful multiple-piece checkmate.

In the last round, Reyansh was able to beat Ansh after employing many tactics to win substantial material throughout the course of the game, leaving Reyansh with 4 wins in 4 games to end the tournament.