Progressive "Qualifications" Tournament - June 27, 2021

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Booster Section Report

In the booster section, 14 rookie tournament players sparred against each other for 4 fast-paced rounds. Despite the G25 + 3 time control, the players, consisting of classmates, siblings, and friends wasted no time in finding classic backrank, queen and helper, and windmill checkmates. Overall, the games were unpredictable, but exciting for spectators and players alike.

Congratulations to Ray, Matthew, Aarav, Divyasri, and Rishabh for earning 3+ points in the section, and thereby receiving the right to play in the higher section next tournament on July 11th. Special congratulations to Ray for winning all 4 of his games and earning 1st place in the section!

As for the best game of the section, we think it should go to Ray and Divyasri in round 2. Note, Sam found a very cool mating net in round 3 against Ryan. The text of both games are below: