Progressive "Qualifications" Tournament, January 9, 2021 Edition

Booster Section Report

The Booster Section in ICA's January 9th edition of the Progressive Tournament really put the "I" in International with two of the participants joining us from outside the U.S. (Leah from Toronto and Arsyad from Malaysia).

There was also an interesting 4 way tie for third place in this section between Arsyad Mohd Ali, Jay Patel, Marcel Forlini, and Roger Zhao, all scoring 3 points. Max Rosenbaum had an amazing 3.5/4 points and received second place and, Harika Appalla ended the tournament with a 4/4 (perfect score).

Very well done everyone!! Congratulations! You are all now eligible to participate in Steppingstone 5, next tournament.

Steppingstone 5 Report

In Stepping Stone 5 we had 4 norm makers, Anna, Raghav, Nathan, and Liam who barely edged everyone out with 3.5/4. All 4 made their 2nd norm and after passing the test, will be awarded a Category 5 title.

With many good, yet fast games, here are several worthy of mention. In Round 3, Anna vs Liam, (the leaders at the time), Liam played very aggressively and discovered various tactics.

After c4??, Liam swiftly played Bxh2, winning the queen.