Progressive "Qualifications" Tournament, April 10, 2022 Edition

Updated: May 7

Booster Section Report

Sunday, April 10, was bound to be a good day for the Booster section. All fourteen players showed up ready to play. It was a full house, leaving nobody with a "bye" at any point. We had a three way tie between Adnan Hasil, Noah Lieberman, and Ronan Burgos in the winner's circle, all of whom scored 3 out of 4 points possible. BIG congratulations to Lenin Vinod for achieving a perfect score, 4/4!! All of the players who scored 3+ points are eligible to compete in Steppingstone 5 in next month's tournament.

One highlight in the tournament witnessed by Coach Jesse consisted of Ronan Burgos in the final round, with the black pieces. After blundering his queen by allowing 9, Bxe5+ (bishop takes Queen on e5 with check on move 9), Ronan did not give up, continuing to hold his head high. He later struck back with a clever pin tactic after white played 29. Ne6 (white forked Ronan's two rooks) Ronan played responded with 29.) Rf-e8, pinning his opponent's knight with not only a Queen on the same line, but also a back rank checkmating square. White's knight ate his last supper on the next turn: 30.) Nxd8, capturing one of black's rooks and allowing Ronan to play Rxe1# (rook takes queen on e1, checkmate).