October. 30 - ICA ONLINE Saturday Quad Tournaments - The Results

This Saturday, Halloween weekend we had 18 players participate in our weekly Online Saturday Quad Tournaments and four sections.

With only four sections, we want to congratulate our first place winners, Nguyen, Angie, and Yiming, who each topped their sections with perfect scores.

Shashank was the winner in the last group with 2.5 points.

Mark and Vedanta, lost to Nguyen, and walked away with prizes for second place in the six-person, over 1000 Swiss.

We hope to see you everyone again next week for either our in-person or our online Quads!

Check out the report: https://5c7d376b-73ca-4503-81af-1865a21b587e.filesusr.com/ugd/bc6ee1_c1e3eba9ffda488da6d168dbe99469e5.pdf

Register for future tournaments in advance! https://ica.jumbula.com/#/ica_tournaments

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