October 23, 2021 ICA ONLINE Saturday Quads- the Report

Reporting on the October 23rd edition of ICA Online Saturday Quads, we had 22 players and five winners. We'd like to thank our three NEW players: Sahana, Paarth, and Ayaan for joining us this week and hope you continue to spread the word and encourage others who've never played to register for our weekly tournaments.

Over 1000 Section 1 Phillip and Alex both started soundly, each beating two opponents before meeting up with each other in the third round to decide the tournament. In round two, Alex and Nguyen's match was selected as game of the week. They both played a sharp Scotch battle and castled on opposite sides, then set up strong pawn storms. Nguyen had a bigger pawn front, but Alex broke through it first, and a 15-move king hunt ensued. It ended with Nguyen’s king checkmated on a6. You can take a look at that super exciting game here: https://www.chess.com/game/live/28751976799. After that battle, Philip went on to win the tournament by using his savvy tactics to checkmate Alex in the middle game.