October 22, 2022, Glen Rock Quads Report

Updated: Oct 28

By **PLAYER** Alan Salnikov

For today's tournament, we had 34 participants split into 8 sections, with the top three sections being played at Game 45. Due to somebody dropping out from the tournament on late notice, I had to step in and play in the tournament myself! I played in Section 2, in which all four players had very similar ratings (1200-1270). In this report, I will analyze all three of my games while discussing what it was like to be playing in my first tournament in five years!

When I initially found out that I had to step in, I was understandably apprehensive; this was my first rated tournament in five years and I was not sure whether the 1260 that I amassed as a child reflected my current abilities. After announcing to my section that I will be playing, the tournament room burst into laughter: they were intrigued as to how I would play, whether I would use my time, and whether I would be rusty and prove why I am always a TD and not a player. Each game that I played has a unique story: all the pros and cons of my gameplay made each match memorable and made me reflect on why chess is such a loved game.

For my first game, I played black against Ding Liu. We both realized after playing through the opening that we were partaking in a game as closed as a maximum security prison.

Here, both of us were fighting for control of the center by putting our knights on outposts. I had an eye on the white a-pawn the entire game, and felt that I would somehow be able to move the queen out of the way and capture the pawn, or get the knight behind the white pawns to cause damage. However, I was fully aware that I was at a disadvantage, because my white-squared bishop was inactive: it was as if I was playing down a piece!