October 16 edition of the Online Saturday Quads - the report

With 14 players we had three sections and four winners Here's how the sections played out.

Over 1000 Section 1

Mark and Alex tied for first in the top section after defeating their opponents and ending in a draw against each other. It was a fierce face-off with the Sicilian Dragon. They castled on opposite sides, but the queens were lost shortly after, and neither could muster much of an attack. They traded down to a knight and pawn endgame and then drew by repetition. Mark’s knight came close to infiltrating Alex’s position, which forced Alex to chase it back and forth with the king. This exciting contest earned game of the week: https://www.chess.com/game/live/28146593071

Under 1000 Section 1

Varun ended on top with a perfect score. He beat Juno with the Slav Defense, pulled victory from the narrow jaws of defeat in his match against Christian, and ended his perfect run with a quiet win against David. Varun's sharp tactical play kept him in every game even when things looked dire, and allowed him to claim the win this week.

Under 1000 Section 2

Longtime quad competitors Andy and Hovannes split the top honors in this six-person swiss section with 2.5 points apiece. They both took down two of the other four competitors. And in their match against on another, although Hovannes picked up an extra piece in the middle game, Andy fought and navigated his way to a stalemate to save half a point. Commendations also go to Shreyan, who got 1.5 out of 3 in his first virtual quads outing.

Hope to see you again next week for another quad tournament, either in-person or online!

The full results: https://www.icanj.net/allresults.php?rid=1185

Register for next Saturday's online tournament at: https://ica.jumbula.com/ICATournaments2021/ONLINEOCTOBER23QUADS

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