October 1 2022, Glen Rock Quads Report

By TD Alan Salnikov

Today we had another very good turnout at the Glen Rock Quads! 46 participants were split into 10 sections, with the top section being played in a Swiss format.

One of the best performers today is Nivaan Patel, who won all three games in Section 11! In his second game, Nivaan utilized two forks in one sequence of play to defeat his opponent. The first fork came with the bishop, which forked the opponent's king and rook. After Nivaan won the rook, he found yet another fork! This time, his knight simultaneously attacked the opponent’s king and queen! At that point, the win had been sealed.

Another top performer today is Armaan Idaturi, who won Section 5! In the first game, Armaan attacked the opponent’s king with his rook bishop and queen. As a result of the immense pressure, Armaan was able to checkmate the king (as shown in the diagram):

26 ... Bxg3. 27. Rxg3 Qxg3. 28. Rg2 Rxh3+.29 Kg1 Qf3 30. Nd3 Bxd3 31. Qc1 Rg3 32. Rxg3 Qxg3+ 33. Kh1 Be2 34. Be1 Bf3#