November 6th Edition of Online & Glen Rock Quad Tournaments - the Results

ONLINE Weekly Quads

We had 21 players in five sections, and Aditya, Subhash, Melvin, Campbell, and Anya joined us for their first time playing in our weekly Online Quads Tournament. Campbell made an impressive debut by crushing the first section with a perfect score. Ekeoma returned after a hiatus and defeated all challengers to win section two. Moving to the Under 1000 sections, Angie had another strong performance and got three out of three in section three, while Shashank, Achyut, and Andy all tied for first in section four. Finally, Daniel claimed sole first place in in a hotly contested section five with only two points in a section where everyone had at least one point.

Thanks for joining us for another edition of Online Saturday Quads. We hope to everyone again next week for either in-person or online quads at: https://ic