May 23, 2021 - Progressive (Qualification) Tournaments

Booster Section Report

Greetings parents and players! Thank you for participating in our event! We're glad to see players enjoy an opportunity to compete in an entry-level event! Here’s a report of the Booster Section, complete with details and highlights!

  • To start, welcome to all of our new players! We hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you in future events as you progress up the qualification ladder!

  • Congratulations to Siddharth, Maxim, Ethan, Sabrina, Prateek, and Jayden for each scoring 3+ points in the event! You have all earned qualification to the Category 5 section! This is a tougher tournament and our first "norm" eligible section tournament. To progress past this section you must earn two norms by scoring 3+ points twice! Good luck and we hope to see you continue your climb!

  • Our game of the event goes to Ryan and Callista for their 3rd round match. This game deserves recognition as both players spent their time efficiently calculating their options. Both players fought hard for checkmate. They were by far the last game to finish in the 3rd round and Callista won, while everyone watched!

TD NOTE ***The next event will be June 6th. If you have any questions about where or what to register for, please email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks***

Steppingstone 4 Report

Meanwhile, in Steppingstone, section 4, it will be a quick report as we had only 4 players in this field. Three out of the four all tied with a score of 2/3. Congratulations to Amav Jain, Matthew Hansen, and Nicholas Vergara! Wow, talk about an equal matchup!

Steppingstone 5 Report

We had 12 players in our middle section on May 23rd. These players truly discovered the power of taking one's time during a chess tournament. One player, Aviana Essig, even timed out during a match, which is sadly a loss, however it shows an exceptional level of patience for deep thought from the young player. And now, let's take a look at our final results: We had a four way tie for second place! Congratulations to Avyay Manoj, Rebecca Chau, Shiv Hakani, and Leon Shevelenko! Also a huge Congratulations to Justin Zhu for achieving First Place with a perfect score of 4/4! Justin is now eligible to compete in the Steppingstone 4 section in the next tournament (June 6th).

Results are available for viewing at:

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