May 21, 2022, Glen Rock Quads, and ICA Open Reports

(by TD Alan Salnikov)

This past Saturday we ran two tournaments at ICA: the weekly ICA Quads and the monthly ICA Open Championship!

For the Quads, we had 40 participants split into 10 sections, while we had 8 participants vying for the grand prize in the ICA Open.

My player of the week is Brian Peng from Long Island, who took first place at the ICA Open by using his dynamic piece play! In his final match, Brian won a pawn in the opening. He then managed to hold on and win the match using tempo.

An honorable mention goes to Edward Kang, who won all three of his games in Section 5. In one of his games, Edward sacrificed a pawn to get his opponent’s queen in a position such that it could be pinned by the rook.

My favorite section of the tournaments is Section 6, in which Logan Baquiran and Achyut Manoj each won two rounds to share the prize. In one of Logan’s matches, Logan utilized a pawn storm to win a knight in the endgame. In one of Achyut’s matches, Achyut found a way to fork the king and rook in the opening!

Congratulations to all winners!

You can see rating reports by clicking on Open and Quads

Download our ICA Open Report and May 21, ICA Glen Rock Quads.

Don't forget to join us this Saturday for a special Memorial Day Edition of the Glen Rock Quads at:

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