May 14, 2022 Glen Rock Quads Report

by TD Alan Salnikov

Today we had a great number of participants, with 36 total split into 8 sections, with two sections being played at Game 45 and two sections being played in the Swiss format.

My player of the tournament is Oleg Shevelenko; who won all three games in Section 1! Oleg began the first round with the kings Indian defense, despite the opponent’s pressing, Oleg was able to win the game via a deflection. In the final round, Oleg played his favorite French defense. In the end game, Oleg cliched the victory with 2 strong bishops.

An honorable mention goes to David Mo, who won Section 3 with 2.5/3 points. For his two wins, David was able to push his pieces to attack the king in the middle game for each of his wins to create early checkmates.

My favorite section of the tournament was Section 2. Congratulations to Albert Sadykov and Geoffrey Chen for winning the section with 2 points! In a close second came Angelo Valentino and Jane Stripunsky with 1.5 points!

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