March 5, 2022 edition report for Glen Rock Quads

by TD Alan Salnikov

I am very pleased with the turnout at today’s Quads tournament! We had 42 participants split into 9 sections, which included 3 Swiss sections.

The player that most impressed me ws Ray Chakraborty, who won all three of his games in Section 2! Ray was able to utilize both a fork and a pin within one sequence to win an exchange, which eventually led to his victory.

An honorable mention goes to Charles Baquiran, who won all three of his games in Section 5! Charles was able to capitalize on his opponents’ mistakes in all three games.

Another honorable mention goes to Ari Lukatsky, who won all three games in Section 6! In one of his games, Ari was able to fork his opponent’s queen and rook with his pawn to turn the game in his favor.

Congratulations to all winners! You can see rating report by clicking here

Full report can be found here

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