March 26 Edition of Super Saturday Glen Rock Quads Report

By TD, Alan Salnikov

Today we had a very high turnout for the tournament, with 44 participants split into 11 sections! I was extremely impressed with the quality of the players in Section 1. After losing in 7 moves to Elias Fruehwein, Bryan Andrei was able to win the next two games and tie with Elias and Michael Yin for first place!

The player that most impressed me was Arnav Adepu, who won all three games in Section 2. After back-and-forth in the middlegame, Arnav pinned his opponent’s rook to the king which enabled him to promote his pawn.

An honorable mention goes to Juno Moon, who won all three games in Section 4. Juno was able to utilize a pin to put his knight onto a square so that it could fork his opponent’s queen and rook.

Another honorable mention goes to Andrew Goldfarb who won all three games in section 7. Despite being down an exchange in the endgame, Andrew was able to trap his opponent’s rook and eventually win the game.

Congratulations to all of the winners! You can see the rating's report by clicking here

The Quads full results can be viewed here.

REGISTRATION for April 2 tournaments can be found here:

April 2 we have the Glen Rock Quads, open to all players,

AND, ICA Saturday Match Play, for 1600+ players only!

Hope to see you there!

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