We welcomed back many players this week to our Super Saturday Quads on March 20th! A big thank you to everybody who came to play! Check out the results:

Now for the highlights:

Over 1000 Section 1 Audrey was the winner with 2.5 points. She raced ahead in the tournament by winning her first two games, and then needed only a draw in the last game to secure victory. Her win over Aaron was crazy, it involved an exchange sacrifice and many pawn storms, and it earned her the game of the week: Nicely done!

Over 1000 Section 2 Brian returned to win yet another tournament with a perfect score. His sharp combinations were his key to winning all three games. Once again, excellent job!

Over 1000 Section 3 The victor, with a perfect 3/3 performance was Albert S. He won this section despite having to play black twice. What distinguished him this time was the ability to gain an advantage out of tight or equal situations. Congratulations Albert!

Under 1000 Section 1 This section gave us an exciting tournament full of interesting games. In the end, Sophia was the winner, with an impressive 2.5/3 points! She drew against second place Geoffrey, but won the other two games thanks to deadl, game-ending knight forks of the king and queen. Great job Sophia!

Under 1000 Section 2 The winners were dead even with each other, just like last week. On this occasion Hyland and Dylan tied for first with 2.5 points. The game between the two players was extremely even and of high-quality, but after all of the pieces were traded there was a dead draw on the board. Well played to both!

Under 1000 Section 3 Nobody could stop Alvin, who finished with a perfect score. Crucial to his success was a great use of all kinds of pins and forks, as he navigated through many complex tactical situations. Good work!

Under 1000 Section 4 The tournament was genuinely exciting with no player able to avoid at least one defeat. Finally, with 2/3 points, the joint winners were Mehul and David. Indeed, Mehul lost his first game to David after David defended against his knight sacrifice. But he managed to bounce back by winning Games 2 and 3. Great job!

Under 1000 Section 5 Just like last week, two players were evenly matched and tied for first with 2.5. Congratulations Hovannes and Grayson! They played out a draw in game 2, where Hovannes excellently defended an almost completely lost position in the endgame. Congratulations to both players!

Under 1000 Section 6 Ari S achieved 3 out of 3 victories and won the tournament. The decisive game ended up being a second-round win over second-place Kenton, in which Ari moved his king out of the way, and openined the h-file for a long-range rook checkmate. In general, he won his games exercising many sharp tactics. Excellent work Ari!

Under 1000 Section 7The winner was Vincent with a perfect 3/3. In each of his games, he checkmated his opponent after expertly capitalizing on their mistakes. This was after playing exciting openings like the King’s Gambit and Latvian Gambit. Congratulations to Vincent!

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