March 12 edition of Glen Rock Saturday Quads, ICA Open Championships and FIDE Matches

by TD Alan Salnikov

On what was a very eventful weekend of chess at the ICA, we had three high quality tournaments running simultaneously!

The first of the three tournaments were the weekly ICA Quads. We had 40 people split into 10 sections, with the two highest sections being played at G/45, d5. The player that I was most impressed with was Geoffrey Chen, who won all three of his games in Section 3. In one of his games, Geoffrey pinned his opponent’s bishop to his king, which led to him capturing an undefended piece, and winning the game. An honorable mention goes to everybody from Section 2. After three hard fought rounds, Saveley Lopez, Ray Chakraborty, and Ido Alkin all tied for first place, finishing the day with two wins and one loss each.

Congratulations to all winners! You can see rating report by clicking here

Please review the full report here.

March 12 Edition of ICA Open Championship (1600+)

The second tournament played was the ICA Open, in which 15 participants, each with a rating of over 1600, played three rounds in a Swiss format.

Congratulations to Ethan Klein and Roman Malyshev for taking first place, with two wins and one draw each! Here what the players have to say about the tournament:

Ethan: "I just wanted to thank you for hosting such an excellent tournament. I thought it was extremely well run and all rounds were on time. I was very pleased with the turnout, several masters played, which was a nice challenge. I am looking forward to more of these events, and even bigger turnouts in the future. "

Roman: "Thank you so much for the tournament you provided yesterday"

Congratulations to all winners! You can see rating report by clicking here

Here are the full results for our first ICA OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS


Finally, the ICA hosted Matan Prilleltensky and Max Schwartz as they played (in Hybrid Format) four FIDE matches against higher rated players from Bulgaria.

Matan finished with one win and three draws, while Max finished with one loss and three draws. They will each be writing a report on their games and their experience overall.

Keep an eye on our upcoming tournaments We're constantly adding new competitive opportunities as we get back to full capacity and to serving our Chess community as the largest Chess academy in all of Northern New Jersey!

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