The Legendary GM Artur Jussupow at ICA Kids Online

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

By Sean Finn, ICA Kids Online Coach

Chess players around the world know Artur Jussupow as a legendary player, and one of the most revered and respected coaches in chess history. If you have ever attended one of Jussupow's classes, you know that he's a funny and gracious teacher who uses his sharp mind and soft-spoken wit to guide students through decisions and thought processes in ways that are as enjoyable as informative.

It was my recent privilege to attend one of his virtual lectures via Zoom. I had first met Jussupow about 20 years ago, while I was still a student at ICA rather than a coach, and I naturally jumped at the chance to attend his lecture and learn from this great teacher. The hype is real. Jussupow continues to live up to his reputation.  

Jussupow began by analyzing a match between Magnus Carlsen and Boris Gelfand from the 2013 Candidates tournament.  He examined critical moments, and the strategic underpinnings of different approaches, and how Carlsen used tactical ideas to press his positional advantage (as only a master of his class can).