Latest Success Stories from Reginal Tournaments!

Over the past two weeks, several ICA students competed in regional Chess tournaments in Princeton and Connecticut. On behalf of all of the ICA Staff, I am very proud of how each of our students performed! We had several students who won their sections, others who finished top 10, and others who challenged themselves in high sections and gained a valuable experience!

On the eve of Halloween, a large delegation of ICA students went to Princeton to compete at the Eastern Chess Congress 2022. Our best performer was Mark Kogan, who tied for 9th place in the Under 1500 Section with 3.5/5 points. In addition, Mark finished the tournament with an undefeated record! An honorable mention for that section goes to Leon Shevelenko, who, despite starting off with a much lower rating than his opponents, had a flying start with two wins from the first two games! Unfortunately, he then lost his next two games, with one of them being against the eventual winner. However, after drawing his final match, Leon finished the tournament with 2.5/5 points and saw his rating increase by 50 points!

In addition, three of our members competed and produced admirable results in the Premier (Open) Section. Ethan Modi finished the tournament with a very impressive 3/5 points! Meanwhile, Gary Leschnskiy and Oleg Shevelenko scored 2.5/5 points.

We also had two players in the Under 2100 Section: Leqi Han finished with 2/5 points, while Sujia Dao finished with 0.5/5 points. Both players played well, especially considering their young ages and inexperience at this level. They will both learn and improve from this experience!