July 23 Glen Rock Quads Report

(By TD Ethan Modi)

On July 23rd, we had another edition of the Saturday Quads and we had very intense games.

In the first section there was a 3-way tie, which involved games that took multiple hours. Sean, in the last game won on demand to join the winner’s circle, and Aaron, and Thomas also convincingly won two games.

In section 2, it was very tight, but Jayden won with 2/3 points. There were many draws and going into the last game, Jayden was .5 points behind the leader at the time and won his final game to barely put him ahead resulting in winning the section.

In section 3, there was another 3-way tie between Harlan, Ido and David. David won the first 2 games, but Harlan was able to beat him in an exciting last game to tie up the score. Ido also won his last game to join the winner’s circle.

In Section 4, there was another 3-way tie! Colin, Ari, and Vivek all ended up with 2/3. Colin was able to beat Ari in the last game, ensuring his 2 points, with Ari beating Vivek in the 2nd round. Vivek also convincingly won his other 2 games. Overall, very competitive games.

In Section 5, Coen and Thomas won with a score of 2/3. Coen beat Thomas in the final round to tie with him, and Thomas had some very convincing wins over other people in the section.

In Section 6, Aadi and Vincent both won with 2/3 points. Aadi lost the first round to Vincent but did not give up and won the next two games. Also, Vincent lost his last round which allowed leeway for Aadi to catch up.

In Section 7, Maxim had won in a very dominating fashion with 3/3 points. All his games included tactical shots, which resulted in winning endgames. Overall great performance.

In Section 8, Luka also maintained consistent form to win 3/3 games. Each of his games were very attacking games which involved pawn storms resulting in open kings. IN his last game, his attack was too strong, and he won very easily.

In Section 9, Dhruva won all his games. Section 9 overall played very good games, and the win was well deserved.

Finally in Section 10, it was a close finish, but Parth won. His most intense game was against Noah who finished second, but he won due to a tactical oversight from Noah.

Once again, we want to thank you for playing and hope to see you again soon.

Read the full report: here

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