December 18, 2021, Final Online Quads Report

In our last online quads (check out our farewell to this format here), we had five sections and five clear winners. Ankush emerged capping off his dominance in the last few quads ,with one more perfect score in his strong section ever.

Geoffrey, who has played in almost every Super Saturday Online tournament held over the past year and a half, used his experience to defeat all challengers one last time.

Another one of our most frequent players, Hovannes, has worked his way all the way from the bottom section to the top Under 1000 section, finished his career with a 2.5-point victory.

Yiming was perfect in section four, and Daniel took down the bottom section with three out of three.

While we have decided to discontinue the Super Saturday Online tournaments, we will still be hosting our “qualification” tournaments for beginner and intermediate players about once a month on Sunday online while our weekly Saturday tournaments move back to their original location in Glen Rock after 18 months on You can see the complete schedule of ICA 2022 tournaments here!

We also have classes for all levels as well as other programs for those looking to learn with us online or in-person.

Have a happy holiday season, and we hope to see you in the new year!

Online Tournament results:

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