August 21, 2021, Super Saturday Chess Quads - the results

On August 21st, ICA welcomed players for another edition of the Super Saturday Quads. This week we had 9 sections and 11 winners.

Thanks to everyone for coming and especially our new players: Frank, Ofer, Suvedh, Lucas L., Lucas H., Ishan, Agastya, Davis, Gideon, and Girish.

Now for the games:

In Over 1000 Section 1

Frank won with a perfect score, 3/3. In his last game, Frank won by strategically using his knight to squeeze his opponent. He was not up to any material, but he made the win look easy. For a great game, and an even better ending, he earns this week’s game of the week. You can check out the game here.

In over 1000 Section 2

Aiden won with a neat score of 2.5/3. In his second game, he played the Evan’s Gambit that resulted in a wild miniature. Aiden’s pieces all worked together, and he mated his opponent quickly, a very nice example of attacking, showing that piece development wins games.

In Over 1000 Section 3

Mark won with a score of 2.5/3. In his last game, he needed to win to ensure first place. The game was very positional, but after opening up the position Mark found the best places for his pieces and won a pawn. After winning a pawn he was able to convert the game for the full point. Good Job

In Over 1000 Section 4

Murugan and Ido tied for 1st, both scoring 2/3 points. In the first round Murugan defeated Ido in a swift, tactical game. He brought his queen and rook to the kingside and quickly won. However, Ido did not give up. When Murugan lost his last game, Ido had the chance to tie for first and in a very tactical game, Ido won material very quickly for the win shortly after. Great Fighting Spirit!

In Under 1000 Section 1

Evan won with a perfect score of 3/3. In his last game, his opponent went for a very aggressive setup, but after a failed piece sacrifice, Evan was up material and won the game. A great defending game, and well-deserved point.

In Under 1000 Section 2

We had a clear winner, Davis, with a perfect score of 3/3. In his last game, Davis employed a very nice tactic to win his opponent’s queen. After winning the queen Evan completed a devastating attack that won him the game.

In Under 1000 Section 3

Grayson won with a perfect score of 3/3. In his last game, he received 2 pieces for his rook. What seems like an even trade is far from the truth. Grayson, showed that having 2 extra minor pieces is stronger than the rook. With a piece coordination, he was able to win back the rook and subsequently win the game. Great Game!

In Under 1000 Section 4

Avyay won with a perfect score of 3/3. In his last game, after swiftly winning a piece, he realized he did not need it and gave back the extra material which transposed it into a winning pawn endgame. After promoting one of his pawns, he was eventually the winner.

In Under 1000 Section 5

We had two winners in a 6-person section with 2.5/3 each. Our winners were Vincent and Veer. In their last game, they played each other and drew. Vincent was generally better during the entire game, but not substantially. Great Game.

Check out the results at:

Be sure to join us for future editions of ICA sponsored Super Saturday Quads!

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