August 13, 2022, Glen Rock Quads, and ICA Open Report

Updated: Aug 16

By TD Alan Salnikov

For this week’s Super Saturday, we had 30 participants in the weekly Quads and 18 participants for the monthly ICA Open. The participants of the Quads were split into seven sections, with Section 1 being played in a Swiss format.

My player of the tournament is Aiden Kennedy, who finished undefeated in his first ever Open Section! In his first game, by trading center pawns in the middle game, Aiden got a passed pawn on the f-file. With help from the g-pawn, Aiden advanced his f-pawn to the seventh rank, forcing his opponent to sacrifice his rook and eventually resign!

An honorable mention goes to Ely Aminetzah, who won Section 2 despite being the lowest rated! In his second game, by trading knights, Ely was able to remove the defender of his opponent’s bishop. After capturing the bishop, Eli was able to use his material advantage to win the game.

Another honorable mention goes to Chideha Osondu, who won Section 3! After winning her first two games, Chideha was losing her third game by a rook and a bishop! However, by perpetu