April 30 Quads Report

Updated: May 3

by TDs Prashant Pasarkar and Alan Salnikov

Today, we had a good turnout, with 39 participants split into 9 sections.

The three players of the tournament, who each won all three games in their respective sections, are Angelo Valentino of Section 3, Luke Mulvey of Section 2, and Oleg Shevelenko of Section 1.

In his final round, Angelo activated his pieces while restricting his opponent’s pieces. In the middle game, Angelo traded knights to activate his rook in the center, and then, by bringing his king into the attack, he created a passed pawn, which lead to his opponent’s resignation.

During the first round, Luke sacrificed his queen to gain a material advantage. He was able to use this advantage to promote a passed pawn, leading to victory. Luke’s second round, meanwhile, was decided by the opening phase. By developing his pieces early, Luke forced his opponent’s king to move into the center files. As a result, with pins and a fork, he was able to gain a material advantage.

Oleg’s final round started with the Queen gambit declined opening. By controlling the center throughout the game, Oleg slowly transformed a good position into an advantage. In the end game, a good knight versus a restricted bishop, Oleg gained a material advantage, leading to victory.

Congratulations to all winners! You can see rating reports by clicking here.

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