April 23, 2022, Glen Rock Quads, and ICA Open Reports

by TD Alan Salnikov

We had an excellent turnout, with ICA being able to simultaneously host three tournaments! ICA Quads, ICA Open and FIDE.

The player of today’s tournament is Ryan Zhu, who finished with a perfect 3/3 in the 14 player Open Section! Ryan’s final game started with the French defense. First, Ryan pushed the opponent knight onto a5, putting it out of play. He then started attacking the king side with his f pawn, knight, and rook - making the king side weak. Eventually, Ryan’s rook, queen, knight, and g pawn were all attacking f6 pawn with king behind it, allowing Ryan to gain a rook , and exchange queens.

In the weekly ICA Quads, the quality of Section 2 stood out, in which Arnav Adepu and Parth Raha tied for first place, with two wins and one draw each! In one of his games, Arnav was able to utilize a discovered check to force a mate in 4. Meanwhile, Parth also found a discovered attack; he moved his knight out of the way so that his bishop was able to capture the opponent’s pawn.

An honorable mention goes to Juno Moon, who comfortably won all three of his games in Section 4. Juno was able to consistently outsmart his opponents in the endgame to win his section.

The ICA also hosted Matan Prilleltensky as he played (in Hybrid Format) four FIDE matches against higher rated players from Bulgaria. After drawing his first two and losing his third match, Matan was able to win his fourth match to finish with a very respectable 2/4 points!

Congratulations to all winners! You can see rating reports by clicking on Open and Quads

Full report on Glen Rock Quads

Full report on ICA Open Section

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