April 2 Super Saturday Quads Report

by TD Alan Salnikov

Yet again, we were able to shatter our post pandemic tournament participation record! Today we had 54 participants split into 13 sections, with four of the sections being played at Game 45.

Speaking of records, congratulations to Stephen Hrop, Matthew Misko, Miguel Moledo, and Matthew Teytel who, with two points each, had a FOUR WAY TIE for first place in Section 1!

I was especially impressed with the level of chess shown in Section 3 today! After the second round, each player, with one win and one loss, had one point. It went down to the last game, where Ray Chakraborty and Bryan Andrei were able to win their matches to tie for first place. In his last game, despite being in a losing position, Ray was able to fork his opponent’s knight