A Player's Account of the ICA 2021 Halloween Blitz!

By Thomas P.

The ICA Halloween #Tournament was finally in person after one year of waiting! Old and new friends that have been playing #chess virtually got together to celebrate one of the most beloved holidays, #Halloween and to win prizes!

Unlike other chess tournaments, this one encourages wearing #costumes, making the tournament into a special and memorable event. It was so cool seeing players in a great and silly mood! The #Blitz Tournament included 7 rounds, Open, Under 1,600 and Unrated sections, providing an opportunity for all players to win money in the most friendly environment - chocolate and sweet prizes were provided!

I had an exhilarating time in the tournament, I wish we had more chess events like this! Maybe a New Year's Blitz will happen? I am definitely in! Hopefully I will see you!!!"