ICA's 2021 Annual Summer Scholastic Camp Season was a huge success! This was our first year hosting both Virtual and On-Site Camp. There was a lot of apprehension about going back to in-person instruction, after a year of strict restrictions and concerns, but with our wonderful staff, parents and campers working together to create a safe and healthy environment, everyone was able to thrive and fully enjoy the on-site camp experience once again.

Our Second annual Virtual Chess Camp program was also a great succes! Providing a slightly different experience for the campers, we found that online, kids were able to really concentrate and focus on our scholastic curriculum as well as build friendships and socialize with one another. We had participants from all over and are grateful for the opportunity to be able to also provide them with the best of what ICA offers!

We will continue to build upon our virtual programs, as well as offer our home-base students a place to come after-school and enjoy our on-site instruction and tournaments in both Glen Rock and Teaneck. Having two options (virtual and onsite) opens up and allows many more students the opportunity to reap the benefits of the amazing Chess and Mathematics Enrichment programs that we've spent the past 20 years building and perfecting.

For more information about our Camps, go to: www.icakidsonline.com/camps

Download a copy of our coaches comments (pdf): https://bc6ee1c8-8494-46f2-bf02-eb20ae9d3b14.usrfiles.com/ugd/bc6ee1_1aec334115ca48da91af2dfe97ad7680.pdf

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