2021 Spring Camp Week One Report

ICA Kids Online Spring Camp week one proved to be a success! We miss not being able to operate in person, but we're so glad that campers are still able to enjoy time in our virtual environment.

Whether in art, mind games, or chess, all of our students worked hard this week and were fully engaged in every camp activity. At times competition was fierce and kids had numerous special learning experiences provided throughout the week. Prizes were earned and duly rewarded...view prize list: https://bit.ly/3rHW3ks

Our higher skilled chess students got to work with a Grandmaster coach! They were able to ask questions and analyze games directly with a true titan of the game.

Some of the tournament sections sparked friendly rivalries. Ankush and Mark traded wins back and forth throughout the week and ended in a battle for first place. Across all of our tournament sections, students were always eager to analyze their matches and learn what they could from the games.

Although chess is our primary focus at camp, we had some very dedicated art students. David and Claire spent much of their after-camp time working with our art teachers. Each completed well over 10 art projects!

Mind Games was one of the hottest activities. Students really enjoyed being challenged and struggled at times to solve what seemed like infuriatingly impossible puzzles. Watching our campers bend their minds to complete the problems was entertaining and many times, quite impressive!

We’re pleased to see that Spring Camp week one was a success and take it as a compliment that many of our campers are eager to return again next week! Thank you to all the parents and students who take an interest in Chess. We’re always here for you, eager to promote and foster growth in our students.

Register for week two now! https://ica.jumbula.com/#/ica-camps


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