2021 Spring Camp Week 2 Report

2021 Spring Camp has ended and we want to take this opportunity to thank all the students who attended as well as their parents. Thank you for your interest and participation.

You can see all the prizes earned by students here: https://bit.ly/3mIzviJ

Week two was no different than the first. The students were enthusiastically engaged in all the activities offered.

Our Mind Games competition was again a student favorite. These competitions often came down to the last minute to call as the scores were remarkably close. As soon as tournament matches were over, kids would be requesting Mind Games! Thank you Roman for successfully engaging the class and well done to the students for solving his sometimes infuriating puzzles!

The Simul was also a daily favorite, with almost every camper choosing to participate in the simul versus a coach. Two students were able to actually beat their coaches! At the end of every day, we were pleased to see how many students would turnout to play extra chess games, especially against tougher opponents!

Although much of the day was filled with chess lessons and games, we had many students who really looked forward to our Art and Math classes!

In Art class, students really enjoyed learning different sketching techniques and tackling their creativity by attempting to draw new ideas on the fly. With a few drawing techniques under their belts, students were able to sketch pretty much anything they could think of.

During our Math sessions, students were encouraged to solve Olympiad-level problems as well as break down the solutions. Only several students really challenged themselves, but we were impressed to see how they were able to solve problems without any assistance, demonstrating how well they knew their subject!


We want to commend all the students that spent Spring Break with us learning chess! Many participated in both morning lessons and afternoon tournaments.

In each lesson group, the coaches have selected a best performing student based on engagement, participation, and skill. Congratulations to Michael, Geoffrey, David and Lior for earning that distinction in their groups. We are thrilled to see you engaging and learning!

A special recognition goes to Mark Kogan. He is the only student all week with a perfect attendance! Mark studied under a grandmaster and put his lessons into practice participating in the afternoon tournaments! We admire your dedication Mark!

Also, congratulations to Mark and Geoffrey for taking home the simul victories! You both chose to play every single day with determination!

We would like to present our Best Effort award to Ian Lazarus! Throughout the entire week Ian was eager to try new things and take on new challenges. Ian participated in mind games, simuls, math, and tournaments! We have enjoyed watching your progress throughout the week. We hope to see you continue working on your game!

A special thank you to the Lokhov brothers for joining our tournaments last-minute! You certainly provided some stiff competition for the others!

In conclusion, we're very pleased with all of our participants and look forward to seeing you again this summer at Summer Chess Camp! For now we are committing only to virtual Summer Chess Camp but really hope for an opportunity to open the Camp in later weeks for live, in-person fun.

You can find the registration and information here: https://ica.jumbula.com/#/ica-camps

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