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Math Instructor

Natasha Komarov is a tenured professor of mathematics at St. Lawrence University. She got her PhD and MA in Mathematics from Dartmouth (where she was trained in both mathematics and child development & education) and a BS in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University. But long before that, she was a student at ICA for many years, and she believes all her most important learning came from there! She started her teaching career at ICA as a high school student two decades ago and has been teaching students of all ages ever since.

Natasha believes that the way math is taught in school doesn't capture the fun, beauty, and creativity that made her fall in love with it in the first place. Her biggest goal in teaching, whether to elementary or college students, is to help unlock the ability to approach unfamiliar situations with logic and creativity without a fear of failure; in math, we often "fail" many times over before we get to the conclusion we seek, and these missteps are usually the most instructive way to learn. She wants children to be able to see math as a creative and living, ever-changing field rather than a static series of abstract operations developed by the ancients. As a mom, her interest in childhood education is personal as well as academic, and she loves to work with young children.

When she isn't teaching math, Natasha loves playing board games and hiking, which she does with her husband, small daughter, and very big dog.

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