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Chess Instructor

Jesse first learned to play chess at the age of 5. His father taught him and says that he was "a little menace" with his knights. The knight became Jesse's favorite piece and inspired him to study, learn and play a lot more. Eventually his parents took the initiative and hired a Grandmaster to work with him.

With formal lessons Jesse's skills went through the roof. His game elevated exponentially and he discovered new ways of attacking and checking, techniques he could never have conceived as a novice chess player.

At the age of 8 Jesse won his first tournament Between the ages of 8 and 13 he continued to win many more

trophies and shared 1st/2nd place victories with his close friends, and sometime in his 13th year Jesse's rating reached the 1200 range.

So where is Jesse now?

Unfortunately, Jesse’s competitive career came to an end at the age of 13 when he decided to stop taking lessons and instead become a teacher. Between volunteering one year and working as a teacher the next, Jesse quickly developed the necessary skills to become a good chess coach.

Jesse has worked at Syosset Chess Mates summer camps, and most recently at ICA. Despite not having gone “all the way” in his chess career, Coach Jesse teaches his students that chess is a game for life, and one should ”never stop learning”.

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