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NM & Chess Instructor

NM Chris Welcome is an experienced chess instructor who's been teaching scholastically since the year 2000.

With a lifetime passion for chess, he's been part of a group in Brooklyn called the “Black Bear School of Chess” since the late 1970’s. They've fostered the growth and development of many African American chess players.

From this group of self-motivated players many masters have emerged such as: NM Ernest Colding, FM Ronald Simpson, IM-Elect William Morrison, and GM Maurice Ashley

Chris earned his National Master’s title in 1982. and since the year 2000, has taught chess in well over 30 public schools and over two dozen after-school programs, working with students from grades kindergarten to high school.

He's also coached several National Chess Competition teams that have placed in the top 10 nationally. A few examples are:

  • 2013 PS180m – 10th place k-6 under 1000

  • 2013 Brunswick – 9th place k-3 under 800

  • 2012 Ps180m – National Champions Unrated Section

  • 2010 BWA – 6th Place Unrated Section

  • 2009 FDA – 8th Place k-12 Under 1600

  • 2008 PS159x - 6th Place k-5 Under 1000

Individually, Chris has trained at least 3 scholastic players that have reached USCF ratings of over 2000.

“I believe that it is important to expose all children to chess. Not all will achieve master status, but the ones who desire to and are able to really excel in the game will need guidance and a clear path to develop. The ones who simply want to enjoy chess, can experience a lifetime of pleasure by simply learning the game.

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