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GM & Chess Instructor

GM Stripunsky has gained great respect and recognition as one of America's Elite Grandmasters. He's earned the distinction of being a Premier US Chess Coach having coached many of our top young chess players, including NM Joshua Colas, the 2010 7th grade National Champion, IM elect Parker Zhao, IM Teddy Coleman, and IM Jake Kleiman of Memphis.

GM Stripunsky is a dedicated athlete who runs regularly, but, works out equally as hard on the chess board. Appreciating the aesthetics of chess, GM Stripunsky believes that, "the more you play, the more beauty you are able to see."

He served as a trainer for the historic 2004 Women Olympiad Training Squad. Currently Alex coaches numerous promising young players, including: Robert Shlyakhtenko, Yassi Ehsani, Gary Leschinsky, Spencer Chin, Jenny Zhu and others.

Several of GM Stripunsky's career highlights include: US Co-Champion 2005, Invitations to play in the World Cup, Coach of US Women's Olympian Team, Continental Open Champion 2008 and 2010, National Congress Champion, 1st Place, and Philadelphia Open 2010, 1st Place tie, Continental Open 2014 1st Place tie, Atlantic Open 2014 1st place tie, Manhattan Open 2014 champion.

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